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basmooyDear Bas is a pleasure for us have you on our first interview, King of Echo Echo is the first vinyl release coming up on Blind Spot Music, Could you let us know more about your original track?

Well, I'm happy the release will finally be out, since there has been some delay on it. The original track was done quite some time ago actually, so it's nice to see it being released now. Never really try to talk or explain too much about a track, rather have people just listen to it and decide if they like it or not.

The release also come with 3 amazing remixes of your original track, Justin Berkovi, D.Carbone & Ascion and Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann. What do you think about the whole release? Is what you finally expect?

Really happy with the remixes! They are all completely different, which is cool and makes the release really diverse. All remixers used some elements, but still kept it close to their original sound. In the end I think it turned out to be an interesting package that will appeal to people with different tastes.

We got amazing feedbacks like : Planetary Assault System, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing..... and start to come up the first playlist and charts. You are for many years on the pipe line how you manage to be always there?

I guess in the end it's all about delivering a constant output of material, tracks, remixes and even recordings of sets, podcasts etc. That's probably the best way to stay in sight. But in the end I just try to make music without thinking too much about it all. Sometimes I am really productive, like last year and sometimes I am doing a lot of studio work and nothing comes out. I really try to use the moments of inspiration as good as possible. Being a father of two kids it's all about planning and effectivity at the moment. I try to do less podcasts etc these days, since the requests are coming in on a daily basis. Seems like all dj's, parties and labels have a podcast right now, so you have to be selective.

What where your first influences when you started to produce music?

My first influences were probably Speedy J and Luke Slater, they have always been my biggest inspirations and are on the top of my list. But also people like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero have played a great role in my musical development and the discovery of techno in general back then. Over the years you start to discover more and more music and dig deeper into the history of the scene. Even now I sometimes discover new names that don't even release any more. There's so much great timeless techno out there to be discovered. Some of the new kids are exploring that nineties stuff right now and it's great to see it can still suck people and to this scene and get them hooked. I guess I was just really lucky to be starting music in those golden days, so many great records got released back then.

We know that some weeks ago you released 'Rage, Remedy & The Lash EP' on your own label Mord, but, What else have you got coming up on the next months?

The Mord release has been getting amazing feedback from all the people I respect so much, which is great. Its always exciting and scary at the same time to put out a new record, since you really hope that you made right judgement when you selected the tunes etc. But I remember playing out the tunes for the first time in Perron (The club where I host my parties atm) and they worked really well, so that was a relief anyway. I have done some remixes that will be out soon, for Paul Birken's tune Acid Youth of Malibu, a remix for Octave and of course the Blindspot release. I'm also working on the next Mord and Audio Assault releases and some stuff I can't really talk about yet, but more info on that soon! Trust me when I say 2014 will be a busy year for me!

About the actual techno scene, which producers do you think that are doing "something else"?

Obviously the people I signed for Mord. I really want to try and release music that has a wider bandwidth then for example the stuff we did on Audio Assault. There's so many great producers out there at the moment, but if I would name a few that pop up right now I'd say: Planetary Assault Systems, Lag, Killawatt, Charlton, AnD, Tessela, Radial, Truss, Perc and of course Blawan. They all have a special unique sound I love. But it's always difficult to come up with names. If you ask me again tomorrow I will probably come up with more...

Before we conclude would you like to end the interview with some wise words?

Be polite when you approach a label with your demo ;)

Thank you


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