WT012 - Alex Under - Disrupt WT12 Alex Under Disrupt 1400x1400

Label: w0rkt34m
Cat Num: WT12

Artist: Alex Under
Rel. Name : Disrupt

Rel. Date: 7/Sep/2017
Format: Digital

1. Alex Under - Disrupt
2. Alex Under - Degrease
3. Alex Under - Trace
4. Alex Under - Bliss
5. Alex Under - Disagree

For our 12th release we welcome an artist who is a source of inspiration and a dear friend: ALEX UNDER
Disrupt is a sonic journey that illustrates Alex’s unique sound design and ability to create evocative ambiences, plus distinctive hip breaking grooves.
The title track starts off the EP with beautifully delicate soundscapes. Then the mood takes a turn and we shift into party mode. From the hypnotic steady tension on Degrease, to the peak time Techno mayhem on Bliss, the deep Techno warmth on Disagree, or the dreamy and soothing vibe on Trace, you can’t help, but disrupt the floor.
Five techno tracks to be played funking loud



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