LCR LCR borns with the aim to show new possibilities and new ways about techno music, more than 3 years on the scene.

LC SERIES & LCR are already supported and played by: Chris liebing, Speedy j, Tommy FourSeven, Norman Nodge, Truncate, Rebekah, Dj Hiperactive,DVS1, Rino Cerrone, Marco Carola, NX1, Attemporal, Miss Sunshine, Oliver Deutschmann, The Claivoriants, Cristian Varela, Richie Hawtin, HD SUBSTANCE, Inigo Kennedy........ and many more!


Before sending your demos, please read this first!
* demos must include minimum 3 tracks

* demos must be properly mixed-down we won’t consider anything that sounds unprofessional or unfinished (full legnth),no WAV files, all demos must be in 192kbps or 320kbps MP3

* direct links via Dropbox, Sendspace or other private and legal places accepted. (not unprivate soundcloud links)

* each track has to be properly named, so we know who the demo is from ! example: LISS C. - MODULATION (demo to LCR)

* Please when you send demos, be patient we need time to check all the demos that we got, if we don't reply don't take it personal, is just that this time we are not looking this kind of music.

To send demos : demos  [at]

Press contact: info [at]

Booking agent : einmalbooking [at]



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